Excel Academy’s mission is to provide pre-school through eighth grade girls a solid academic foundation and enrichment opportunities to prepare them to succeed in high school and college and to develop the skills and confidence they need to make healthy, positive lifestyle choices.


Excel Academy’s founders and staff believe that with strong support and training, all students can learn and achieve at high levels.  Excel Academy offers a unique single-sex educational model in the elementary school years for female students in the District.  Based on an early educational intervention model that offers preschool for three-year-olds to promote school readiness, Excel implements a curriculum proven to build student achievement in reading, writing, math, and to teach ethics, personal responsibility, and healthy choices.  We use early and frequent assessments to gauge students’ progress and identify academic needs for classrooms and individual students, and respond to the data such assessments provide with immediacy. We hire highly skilled teachers, participate in ongoing professional development, and create and maintain a community of respect and collaboration with our staff and parents.  We embrace students’ parents and guardians as essential partners in their student’s education, and we will reach out to families and the wider community to support Excel Academy’s girls.